Free Five Day HOT (Hands on Training) Challenge


Want to create social media graphics you’re wildly obsessed with – instead of slightly embarrassed by?
Do your ads and posts look like you did it with your feet? The images are dark. Your collage of photos looks like a jumbled mess! And, you might as well forget about trying to add any cool looking fonts! Too sophisticated!
Sista, I got you covered. I’ve cracked the code on EASY design creation that ANYONE can do and I want to share it with you. For FREE!
Let’s huddle up for a FREE Five Day (Hands on Training) on Social Media Tools to CRUSH Your Online Biz!
Seriously, I’m breaking down all you need to know, step by step over a series of five days so you can create success the first time around. Here’s what’s included:
– Learn how to schedule your social media posts/ads for the entire week or month for FREE!
– Learn how to create FREE and FABULOUSLY cool graphics for your Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook pages, posts and groups even if you’ve never taken a design course in your life! I promise, you’ll look like a pro!
– Learn how to side-step not having a website. So, you need a way to grow your email list and place ads, but don’t have a website?!? There’s a smart solution and I’ll share it with you in this HOT Huddle. While this option isn’t free, I promise it won’t break the bank! Priorities, people!
The HOT Huddles Challenge begins immediately, and you’ll walk away with mega skills that you can put to work immediately to help build a following and gain customers to grow YOUR online biz!
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