Around November/December 2010, my boyfriend broke up with me. Shortly thereafter, my ex-husband announced he was getting re-married in February 2011. To a BIMBO! I can say that now cause he left her! Ha!

After hearing the news, all I could think about, of course, was myself! How did I come to this place! All I ever wanted was a marriage, a family, a home, a place to provide love and security for my children. That’s what I lived for! How then did it happen that I was alone doing this after all these years??? During my forties!

I allowed myself about a month to settle into the fact that my boyfriend broke up with me and my ex was getting married. I allowed myself to feel bad for a month! Then, I took the advice of my best friend, Jackie and got back on the horse. I signed up for an online dating site called OKcupid!

While this post is not about online dating but instead about how I manifested my marriage and family, I want to show how manifesting something also requires action! It also requires believing in yourself. Creating plans and visions!

Anyway, I took a good hard look at myself and what I wanted in life and decided on this – I want to be remarried and not to just any old guy! I want THE GUY! The guy I’m head over heels with and not a guy that needs a whole lotta work. Not a guy that I have to change his style of clothing and make him cool. I want a cool guy! A hot guy! I want someone smart and dedicated to family. Someone who’s been previously married with kids. I want him to be hardworking. Funny. Witty. Clean. LOL! Seriously. I want a guy to plan vacations with, and build a home with, plant flowers in the garden with. Cook with. Clean with. Totally normal shit! Right!

I had decided that I was going to make this clear to anyone I met. I refused to hide the fact that I wanted to be married in the most traditional sense, till death do us part! And, told myself that if a guy was to ask what I was looking for, I would let him know straight-up that I want a longterm relationship that leads to marriage. And, I also told myself that if a guy confessed to not wanting the same, then date over!

I also made a grand statement to my family and friends that I would rather sit on the couch and be lonely than to date guys I wasn’t interested in or attracted to. I had no problem doing that cause I loved my kids, my friends, and my home and could keep myself busy until the right one came along. I say all this because I had met a guy and dated him for a short time. I tried to get over the fact that he had no sense of style, was kind of a nerd, and I wasn’t physically attracted to him. I was attracted to the fact that he was pretty smart but couldn’t get over how he showed up on dates wearing old man shoes and his pants around his belly button. And, he was five years younger than me. There wasn’t a cool gene in his entire body. After my dating stint with him, I promised myself to never let that happen again!

So, how did I manifest this family. This marriage? I first invisioned it. Then, I wrote it down over and over and over. Journaling it. I talked about it periodically to friends and family. I let it be known what I wanted the second half of my life to look like! I announced on my dating profile. I believed it would happen. I created a mantra about it. I will have love again. I will meet the man of my dreams. I will marry him. My kids will love and adore him.

Funny story, one thing I never said was “please let his ex wife be sane.” That one should have been at the top of my list. Ladies, be as specific as possible when manifesting something. Note to self!

Anyway, I made sure to be physically ready for dating, too. I kept myself in good shape. Bought clothes that made me feel pretty and confident. Read books on career building, and eating right, and even read beachy love novels.

I made sure to enjoy time out with my children and friends.

On February 23, 2011, four days after joining OKcupid, I reached out to someone whose profile was sent to me. His profile showed that he had a degree in meteorology. I decided to send him a message and say “Don’t laugh, but I get headaches every time it rains!” He wrote back, “not laughing at all, it’s from barometric pressure changes.” He was right! We bantered back and forth and I said “You should ask me out.” Notice, I didn’t ask him out but instead gave him permission to ask me out! It worked. He asked me out that night!

Guess what? We got married two months later to the day! We got married on April 23, 2011. We have been married almost 7 years! We bought a home together (the one in the picture) and merged our lives! Has it been perfect? No but it has been really, really close! And, not only did we buy a first home together, we both fell in love with Punta de Mita, Mexico and bought ourselves our retirement home. We love planning! We love building traditions. We love family so have built a place in two locations to take our family.

I want to add that we had both been on our jobs for 10 years each. He worked for Yahoo, Inc! and I worked for Stanford University for 10 years, too. We were two people with totally solid and stable backgrounds. For the most part! We knew instantly that this was right! I ran down my list of wants and he didn’t flinch! He called the next day and the next day and the next day! No games. Just love!

I believe with my whole heart that I manifested him into my life.

I would love to help you do the same! I would love to show you how manifesting and mindset work can truly change your life if you believe in it and let it!

If you do the work that your soul wants you to do!

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